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We create smartglasses solutions for HoloLens
to boost efficiency in your industry

Your industry, our HoloLens expertise

We help you to improve efficiency in your business by creating tailor-made Mixed Reality apps for today’s most advanced smartglasses: the HoloLens 2. 

Discover our work

DEME - Remote Crane Control


Remotely control a crane installed
in the middle of the Scheldt.


Changing the way medicine is done.


Visualize 3D BIM models on a real scale at the construction site.

Our partners

We are your all-in-one partner

We love to work in a strategic partnership to create apps that are fully embraced by your business:
from inspiration to product launch and beyond.


Depending on your needs, we organize one or more on-premise workshops. Together we define concrete functionalities we believe will bring true added value to your business. Once that is in place, we design concepts and create and test interactive prototypes.


We build your HoloLens app using Microsoft recommended technologies and industry standard toolkits. We don’t just develop your solution, we also focus on extensive testing and quality assurance. You remain up-to-date throughout the entire process as we regularly set-up demo meetings.


Even after your HoloLens app is implemented, we continue taking care of it by providing dedicated support, proactive monitoring and regular compatibility checks. More than that, we continuously search for feature expansions to lift your solution to its highest potential.

Experience the HoloLens yourselves

Depending on your needs, we offer four different workshops.
To provide the best experience, we always adapt our workshops to your industry or business in specific.

HoloLens solution areas

Remote assist

Remote Assist

Collaborate with remote experts through hands-free video calling, or find the perfect assistant in computer vision technology and digital twins.

Remote Assist

Workflow guidance

Workflow Guidance

Provide support and guidance to your employees using step-by-step holographic instructions exactly when and where they need them. 

Workflow Guidance

3D visualization

3D Visualization

Visualize room layout, floor plans, 3D models and digital twins to experience designs at scale and in context. Make informed decisions before you start building.

3D Visualization

Factory monitoring

Factory Monitoring

Receive real time data about your machinery and get notified of any kind of error. The HoloLens guides you to the damaged part, displays all relevant information, and visualizes how to fix it.

Factory Monitoring

Warehouse management


Guide employees towards the right pallet rack with indoor navigation, scan barcodes in the blink of an eye and never dispatch the wrong product again.

Warehouse Management

DEME - Remote Crane Control

Remote Control

Control machinery from a safe distance, and from any location. The HoloLens visualizes the entire environment around the machinery while you remain aware of the room you're actually in.

Remote Control

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HoloLens Value Canvas

Discover the possibilities of the HoloLens for your business.  Download our easy step-by-step guide for implementing the HoloLens in your organization. 

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