HoloLens in Healthcare

HoloLens in Healthcare

If you are active in the healthcare industry and looking for an innovative solution to make the impossible possible,
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Use cases

HoloLens used by Healthcare Professionals

Healthcare has changed significantly since the end of the nineteenth century. New procedures and complex cases require the latest technology. Some pioneer surgeons have already discovered the potential of the HoloLens in the healthcare industry. Take a look.

HoloLens against Covid-19

Doctors and HoloLens hand-in-hand against COVID-19

Hospitals all over the world are using Microsoft HoloLens at their Covid-19 departments to protect doctors as they treat patients with the virus. Using the HoloLens has led to a nearly 83% reduction in the amount of time staff are spending in high-risk areas.

HoloLens-assisted open surgery in Imelda Hospital broadcasted live

You have probably seen TV shows where doctors and trainees follow a surgery from an auditorium above the Operating Room (OR). Especially with complex cases, doctors from all over the world should be able to attend a surgery where the surgeon uses new medical equipment. In that case, a broadcast is in order. And with Covid-19, remote working is quickly becoming the norm anyway.

BD changing the way medicine is done

Together with BD, we introduced HoloLens in the Imelda Hospital where the device is now used for training purposes. We developed a custom application that visualizes the information needed for patient treatment support. Dr. Tollens – general and abdominal surgeon at Imelda Hospital – already used the HoloLens to perform complex open surgeries while being assisted by this custom-made application. The live broadcasting was registered as a training program that could be attended by healthcare professionals all over the world.


Creating new, innovative solutions

The HoloLens opens a whole new spectrum of opportunities. It allows for closer collaborations, even if you are on the other side of the world. It enables surgeons to better prepare for surgery, or to better inform their patients, … With HoloLens, the possibilities are endless.

State-of-the-art education and training

Use holographic visualizations of body parts, medical devices, or procedures to improve training and education. On site, or remotely.

Surgical Augmented Reality Assistance

The use of MR to overlay a 3D rendering of medical images and planning information onto the patient’s anatomy is being investigated by the SARA project.

Accuracy down to the millimeter

Delicate hand movements are a daily part of the job. To achieve the precision of a surgical instrument, there are styluses available with an accuracy of 1-3mm. 


97% reduction in time to information

The HoloLens allows surgeons to perform surgery more efficiently as it brings all relevant patient information into view when needed, while the surgeons’ hands remain free to grab all the tools they need. Research has found a 97% reduction in time to information

3D visualization

Visualize 3D models of patients, limbs, organs, or even scans, XR’s and live monitoring data. Bring all relevant patient information into view. Unlike a real cadaver, there’s nothing the HoloLens can’t visualize, allowing medical students or surgeons to be more informed, more prepared and more confident.

Visualize 3D scans
HoloLens healthcare 3D Visualization

Enable expert surgeons to assist remotely

Global Medical Device company BD, and many others are using the HoloLens and Dynamics 365 Remote Assist to bring in experts remotely. This reduces travel time, material waste and infection risks due to Covid-19.

Hands free, bacteria free

You use gestures, voice or even gaze to interact with the HoloLens. That means you don’t have to use a physical component like a computer mouse or a keyboard to interact with HoloLens applications. This implicates that your hands remain free and sanitized during the entire procedure.

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Recent news

HoloLens has made the news

The healthcare industry is a forward-thinking industry, embracing new technologies every day. Stay on top with our recent news overview.

Z-Healthcare: HoloLens for 3D visualization

New technologies can lift the quality of healthcare to an even higher level.  Various medical professionals are interested in the possibilities of HoloLens devices and 3D visualization. This technology is being tested during abdominal surgeries at the Imelda Hospital in Bonheiden.


Philips and HoloLens 2:
Could augmented reality change the face of image guided therapy?

Augmented reality has the potential to take image-guided therapy, a modern descendent of open surgery, to the next level.


If you are looking for more information

Whether you are looking for more information to go through with your team or you have some specific questions to be answered… we’ve got you covered!

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Webinar | Healthcare industry welcomes HoloLens 2

During this one-hour webinar, we’ll introduce you to smartglasses and elaborate on several use cases in healthcare. We’ll also welcome Dr. Tim Tollens, general and abdominal surgeon at the Imelda Hospital, and Timothy Jacobs, Country Business Leader at the medical device company BD BARD. They’ll be sharing their experience with the HoloLens.

Book HoloLens workshop

Let’s identify new business opportunities! Depending on your needs, we offer four different workshops. To provide the best experience, we always adapt our workshops to your industry or business in specific.

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We offer the following four workshops: 

  1. Discovery Online
  2. Discovery workshop
  3. Ideation workshop
  4. Dynamics 365 workshop

Download HoloLens Value Canvas

Download our easy step-by-step guide for implementing the HoloLens in your organization. Discover what smartglasses are, why we focus on the HoloLens, how it provides added value to your business, and learn how to get started by answering all the questions on the canvas.

Get started with the smartglasses guide

Discover the possibilities of smartglasses for your business. Our Smartglasses Guide covers:
  • Introduction to smartglasses
  • Why we focus on the HoloLens
  • HoloLens 1 vs. HoloLens 2

Good to know

Some useful facts for you

All the above information might leave you with some practical questions. That’s what this segment is for!

Buy or rent HoloLens 2

Interested in buying a device? Check out the Microsoft website. For those who don’t feel like buying one yet, at Mr. Watts, you can rent a HoloLens for €250/month, with a contract that can be cancelled month by month.

Easy cleaning of the HoloLens

Your HoloLens device can easily be cleaned with 70% isopropyl alcohol. The brow pad can be cleaned with antibiotic soap, or can be replaced entirely. Every user could for instance have its own brow pad, or a new brow pad can be attached after a certain period of usage. Buy extra or new brow pads here.

HoloLens 2 specs & certifications

The HoloLens is certified for use as protective eyewear, with an IP50 rating for dust protection in construction zones, for instance, and it conforms to the basic impact protection requirements of ANSI Z87.1, CSA Z94.3 and EN 166.

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Connect to WiFi, 4G or 5G

Even though one of the biggest strengths of the HoloLens is the fact that it’s actually a standalone untethered computer that can be used in the field, for some use cases, where cloud computing or integration with other platforms is needed for example, you need to Leverage WiFi, 4G or 5G .

Luckily, with HoloLens 2, you can connect to a WiFi network or you can leverage the USB-C port to connect to a 4G, 5G or LTE dongle.

Full face protection shield

To completely protect your face against splashes, saliva, etc, there are protection shields available that can easily be attached to the HoloLens. The associated face protection films can be replaced after each operation, and the shield is spray resistant and has anti-fogging properties inside and outside.


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