Manufacturing industry uses HoloLens to boost efficiency

Written by Wouter Martens

The manufacturing industry is already widely using HoloLens throughout their entire business. Here’s how.  

Solve problems with remote assistance

Imagine one of your machines being defective, interrupting your entire production process. What if the expert is not on-site at that moment? Or the person responsible for the machine can’t seem to find the problem and needs some help from a remote expert? With HoloLens, employees can work side-by-side with experts in remote locations. In an instant, they share what they see, while the remote expert gives instructions supported with holographic annotations, documents and images. Employees are able to solve problems in realtime, faster, and smarter than ever. 

remote assistance
More confident employees, less errors

Manufacturing workers often need to adapt to complex scenarios in daily operations. The HoloLens and ‘Microsoft Dynamics 365 Guides trains new or inexperienced employees with step-by-step holographic instructions. These guides lead them to the tools and parts they need and visualizes how to use them. This allows employees to learn on the job, with more confidence and less errors.  

Workflow guidance
Quality check with computer vision

As the HoloLens is equipped with multiple smart cameras, this portable smartglasses device can leverage computer vision technology to optimize your day-to-day activities. Here are a few examples of how computer vision can improve efficiency and minimize the error rate 

  1. During the assembling process of a complex product (for instance when producing a car), the HoloLens can detect whether all components are assembled correctly. The device can even notify you when a specific part is damaged and should be replaced.  
  2. When working with automated production lines, you have to make sure all final products meet the standards you set up. However, it’s easy to miss small irregularities with the human eye. The HoloLens on the other hand is capable of detecting every part that doesn’t fit the criteria.  

3D visualization

You no longer have to imagine what your finished product will look like. With HoloLens, you can visualize your designs on a 1:1 scale. Even during the validation phase of the design process, you can determine a lot easier whether your design is ready for industrialization or not.  

Pretty amazing, isn’t it? Interested in finding out how the Hololens can boost efficiency in your business? Book the workshop that fits your needs