Metaverse: digitization in a state of flux

With Facebook changing its name to “Meta”, the concept of Metaverse has become more popular than ever. But what is the metaverse? Is this something completely new? Or are there perhaps already many things we can label as examples of the metaverse? Even more importantly, will the Metaverse accelerate digitization, and what does this mean for you as a company?

In this podcast, we talk about the topic with Maarten Anckaert, developer at icapps, Olivier Dupont, founder/founding father and CEO of icapps, Jeroen Trappers, CTO of icapps, and Wouter Martens, founder, and CTO of Mr. Watts.

We walk you through the evolution of the Metaverse, how we’ve seen things in the past we can relate to this concept, think of Pokémon Go for example, what changes we see in today’s business using the HoloLens, and what we believe the future will bring. How to deal with the Metaverse as a company and what steps to take to prepare yourself for it.

Disclaimer: this podcast is in Dutch.