Warehouse & Logistics industry welcomes HoloLens 2

Written by Wouter Martens

The HoloLens helps to improve efficiency in warehouses. Order picking targets are easily met, barcodes are scanned in the blink of an eye, and computer vision technology prevents you from ever dispatching the wrong product again.  

Order picking

When working in large warehouses, order picking can be hard, especially when targets have to be met. The HoloLens guides you through your order picking process from A to Z. To start, the device visualizes a list of items that need to be collected. This can be visualized with text (the product names, numbers), images of the products, or a combination of both. Next, thanks to spatial mapping and spatial awareness, the HoloLens guides you – for instance with holographic arrows projected on the floor – to all the items on your list in the most convenient way. When arriving at the right aisle and row, the HoloLens lights up the product you need. Not only will this help experienced workers, it also allows seasonal workers to be up and running from day one.  

Barcode scanning

Instead of manually having to scan every barcode, you can now use the HoloLens for instant barcode scanning. By simply looking at the different products, the HoloLens instantaneously detects and reads all barcodes, highlighting the ones you need.  

Efficiency and safety first with computer vision

As the HoloLens is equipped with multiple smart cameras, this portable smartglasses device can leverage computer vision technology to optimize your day-to-day activities. Here are a few examples of how computer vision can improve efficiency and minimize the error rate:  

  1. The number of wrongly dispatched orders can unfortunately be very high – not only costing the company a lot of money, but also creating more work. With HoloLens, this error-rate declines significantly as this smartglasses device leverages computer vision technology to automatically count the items of a certain order and validate whether all (the right) goods are collected.  
  2. It’s not inevitable that racks get damaged over time. However, for safety reasons it’s important that even the smallest imperfections are noticed straight away. With HoloLens and computer vision technology, rack damage control only takes a matter of seconds.  


Pretty amazing, isn’t it? Interested in finding out how the Hololens can boost efficiency in your business? Book the workshop that fits your needs