Your industry, our HoloLens expertise

Written by Wouter Martens

Thanks to the HoloLens’ wide range of capabilities, these smartglasses can bring true added value for many industries. In this article, we focus on 5 industries where the HoloLens has already proven to boost efficiency.  

1. Healthcare

In healthcare, the HoloLens opens the door for new possibilities on many levels. Thanks to the holographic display, this device allows both med students and experienced healthcare professionals to better visualize and understand how the body works. Besides that, during surgery the HoloLens assists the surgeon as it visualizes all patient relevant information – from 3D scans over X-rays to live monitoring data – or brings in a remote expert. Learn more >

2. Construction

The HoloLens facilitates your building process from A to Z, whether on site, at the office, or remotely. By visualizing your 3D BIM models (‘Building Information Models’) using the HoloLens, you can see this ‘digital twin’ at a 1:1 scale, perfectly aligned to the actual construction site. Learn more >

3. Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry is using the HoloLens throughout their entire business – from repairing defect machinery in an instant, over training new or inexperienced employees, to simplifying the design process and even verifying whether quality standards are met. Learn more >

4. Warehouse & logistics

The HoloLens helps to improve efficiency in warehouses. Order picking targets are easily met as the HoloLens guides (seasonal) employees towards the right pallet rack with indoor navigation. Barcodes are scanned in the blink of an eye. And computer vision technology prevents you from ever dispatching the wrong product again. Learn more >

5. Port & Shipping

Port & Shipping leverages smartglasses technology with HoloLens 2. Operators are now able to control machinery remotely, project holographic digital twins on a 1:1 scale, safely guide large cargo ships, … and so much more! Learn more >

👉 Your industry up next?

Of course, other industries benefit from the HoloLens as well. Let’s get together during a HoloLens Workshop and learn how the HoloLens can be beneficial to your company.